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Chris Packham and Johnny Issaluk inspire Bristol students to go into sustainable careers

TV personalities Chris Packham and Johnny Issaluk inspire Bristol students for careers in sustainability
●On Friday 15th November, wildlife TV presenter Chris Packham and Inuit actor and speaker Johnny Issaluk inspired 1,500 students in Bristol about careers in the environment sector. ●The LikeToBe event, TIC Talks: Our Planet, launched their unique online platform that directly connects employers, educators, and students, bridging the gap between education and employment. ●The Transformational Inspirational Career (TIC) Talks encouraged today’s students to consider careers they may not have on their radar yet.  ●Other speakers included representatives from Rolls Royce, Bristol Energy Cooperative, Pure Planet, and Bristol is Open. 
On 15th November 2019, a repertoire of speakers including wildlife TV presenter Chris Packham and inuit actor and speaker Johnny Issaluk, along with national and international C-suite businesspeoplespoke at LikeToBe’s TIC Talk at the Bristol Cathedral Choir Scho…
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Web Release - LikeToBe Date: 14th November 2019

Students gear up for inspirational talks on careers in sustainability
On the 15th November, we are hosting an incredible day of TIC Talks: Transformational Inspirational Career Talks at the Bristol Cathedral Choir School. The speaker line-up is an impressive array of high profile celebrities and local Bristol CEOs and founders. The theme of the day is ‘Our Planet’ with carefully curated talks that are focused on everything there is to know about entering environmentally friendly careers in the face of the current climate crisis.

Bristol Energy Co-operative, a not for profit renewable energy solution, will kick off the day with a talk about power production. This will be further explored by Caroline Macdonald Founder of OggaDoon, an ethical marketing and PR agency; thenJo de Montgros, Founding Partner of Everoze, a specialist in renewables, storage and wider energy flexibility. These talks will cover how power production has,is, and will impa…

Exploring LiketoBe from a student's perspective

As a current student at the University of Bristol, I am going to be graduating in just less than a year. This is a rather daunting thought, especially as someone who has never really had a plan of what I want to do as a career in the future. Throughout secondary school and sixth form I attended numerous careers fares, none of which helped to give me a clear insight into what I may wanted to do in the future. The experience was often one of rushed disinterestedness, as a range of employers standing next to a big banner with a company name that I knew absolutely nothing about tried to explain to hundreds of bewildered pupils what exactly their company stood for. Conversation was often rushed and went over my head, as I awkwardly stood nodding, pretending I could understand their business lingo, while grasping almost nothing of what a job there would really entail. If anything, I found myself always leaving with a huge stack of job prospectuses that would be placed in a corner of my room…

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