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In search of penguins

Polar adventurer Antony Jinman may have been on several epic trips to both the North and South Poles but he has yet to see a penguin - and that's a fact he's determined to change when he journeys to the South Pole again later this year.

Plymouth-born Antony is the 12th Briton to ski to both the Geographic North Pole and solo to the South Pole and his boyhood dream was to follow in the footsteps of his hero Captain Robert Falcon Scott, to journey to the white continent and hopefully see a penguin in real life. Yet despite making it to the South Pole 102 years after Captain Scott, after skiing solo for 46 days to the pole he didn't see a single penguin on the snow or ice!

Antony is now about to embark on MS Hebridean Sky (one of the finest small ships in the world) as a guest lecturer, and will be venturing down to the continent once again this December and January. On this occasion, he will be exploring the coastline of Antarctica and running an interactive program for sch…