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Introducing the employers pledge

The Employer’s Pledge
How do we prepare the next generation to face the challenges of entering a world of work that is rapidly evolving where they may encounter opportunities and potential barriers that don’t yet exist?
As an employer joining our LiketoBe community, you will be committed to sharing your expertise, knowledge and experience of careers and your world of work directly via the platform to potential future employees. In doing so, you will help teachers to better prepare young people to face and solve these challenges.
As an employer on LiketoBe, you will commit to:
·Empower young people so that they are ready to enter the world of work as aware, adaptable and optimistic team members, able to achieve whatever they would like to be.
·Inspire students to want to learn, grow and realize their career ambitions by transferring your knowledge and experience from within your business area and industry, allowing them to be the best they can be.
·Work towards ensuring that studen…