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Exploring LiketoBe from a student's perspective

As a current student at the University of Bristol, I am going to be graduating in just less than a year. This is a rather daunting thought, especially as someone who has never really had a plan of what I want to do as a career in the future. Throughout secondary school and sixth form I attended numerous careers fares, none of which helped to give me a clear insight into what I may wanted to do in the future. The experience was often one of rushed disinterestedness, as a range of employers standing next to a big banner with a company name that I knew absolutely nothing about tried to explain to hundreds of bewildered pupils what exactly their company stood for. Conversation was often rushed and went over my head, as I awkwardly stood nodding, pretending I could understand their business lingo, while grasping almost nothing of what a job there would really entail. If anything, I found myself always leaving with a huge stack of job prospectuses that would be placed in a corner of my room…